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The DASH corporate is owned by the Association of Alumni from Digital Age Institute. .


Former students who has performed well, and have professional projects documented behind them, can seek to become members of this esteemed society.


External persons who has not been trained by Digital Age Institute Ltd. can also become members but of an external class, thereby they will not have voting rights in matters regarding the associations constitution. The laws of this society are in the public domain and published on this home page. Beware that the publishing is an online document, and therefore its content is subject to change without notice.


The society is throughout based on online existence, therefore it does not have any physical location, which would be called a head quarter. The entire society exists via its members who are the society's highest authority, and whereever the society's members convene, being it online or physically, its is in operation according to what the members so decide to do, always subject to the laws of the society and consequences thereof.


This association has no financial activities what so ever. It controls 80% of the shares in Dash Ltd., and carries out any and all business activity through Dash Ltd.


David Svarrer

Chairman, Dash

December, 2012

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