One of the most extraordinary outcomes from the software industry is the ability to design fantastic cars; Porsche is one of the results - the suboptimization of the Targa 911 from last century was done by use of advanced emulation software, analyzing millions of simultaneous parameters from sensors in wind tunnels, traction controllers, vibration sensors. Software is a crucial part of human life today.

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The gearbox of any good software is the brain of the developer, working in tandem with architects, designers, etc. - Just like in the gearbox, hundreds of individual components play together in a well designed software to ensure a smooth ride for the enterprise.

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In order for your software to perform, you must master tuning skills beyond the plain vanilla coding. Non Locking Multi threading, User Interface Design, Unified technologies, Team work, Engineering, Thinking, Integrity, Coherence, Cohesion.

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The finishing of software identifies the marks men in the game. Software component after software component, put together to work in tight tandem, with timely handover of mantles, fault tolerant protocols, enterprise ready performance, seemless scaling, cross platform integration, cloud readiness. in short - a DASH project.

As the wheels of a sports car, everything must be designed to secure maximum grip, traction and interface to the ground beneath. Come rain, storm or sunshine, the software must always be in control of the enterprise, run as intended by the architects, to secure maximum performance of the user at any given time. DASH - for your security

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